Thursday, 25 April 2013



Originally I was one of the early spear fishermen in Sydney 1955. Later I started a tiny dive shop in the backyard of my parents house. This was the Aquanauts Dive Shop (1960).

Later I moved into a main road shop for a few years until I took over the leading scuba shop St. George Underwater Centre, Beverley Hills in 1967.

Running dive shops put me in contact with others doing deep dives on shipwrecks and underwater photography.

I’m no longer in the dive shop business although I sell books and DVD’s about my favorite subject, SHIPWRECKS.

The bell of a shipwreck is like the heart of the vessel.

I’m prepared to go to great lengths to discover and photograph a shipwreck bell.

For me it is a worthy cause that promotes scuba diving and photography.

There is nothing more beautiful than discovering a bell, with a NAME and a YEAR (of manufacture).

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